My heart is filled with happiness:)

So it’s the holiday season and that means it’s time for some seasonal sentimentality! Hi there, I’m Claire- Dave’s daughter. As I sit here in the airport waiting for my flight back to LA, I thought I’d do a little bragging. A few days ago I assisted my dad on a photo tour around the North Shore. I love working with him because I’m able to see the unspoken ways he teaches me how to approach life. We woke up early that morning and fit in a two-hour surf session at Diamond Head before heading to our shoot on the North Shore. As I was out in the line up, two different familiar faces paddled up, “eh, you’re Dave’s daughter ya? You got da best dad!” seriously, this happens ALL THE TIME. But yeah, they’re right.

So we made our way up to the North Shore to shoot a charming newlywed couple, Ivy & Chiang. We went to different picturesque landmarks and beaches of the North Shore that my dad has dialed in after living his entire life on this island (and being a surfer). My favorite shot of the day happened when my dad had Ivy and Chiang drape her veil over their heads as they kissed and giggled beneath it. At the time I was thinking… “uh, whatcha doin’ there Dad..”, it looked a little goofy from the sidelines. But when I saw the photo, it was absolutely breathtaking. He had captured their intimacy, and her smile was genuine. He suddenly seemed like a magician, to be able to capture sure a complex thing as “love” with such ease. It wasn’t until later that night did I realize his secret.

At the end of our photo tour, Ivy & Chiang asked to have a selfie with us, to remember the day. Which I thought was so incredible and gracious that at such a huge time in their lives, they would stop to acknowledge our part in it. We then packed up, said our goodbyes and headed back to Aina Haina to meet Michelle at the 7:30 Sun Yoga class. At one point during the class, our teacher said the phrase “lead with your heart” referring to the Sun Salutation pose. “Lead with your heart,” echoed in my head for the rest of class.

It was then when I reflect on the day and realized my dad’s magic trick. He leads with his heart. That day was filled with all the things he loves- family, friends, surfing, photography, and yoga. He has the uncanny ability to capture love and beauty because everything he does comes from a place of love, and consequently attracts it. So if there is one thing my dad has taught me over the years, it’s to lead with your heart. I think these photos do a great job of capturing this mantra…

Beachwedding0008 Beachwedding0009 Beachwedding0010 Beachwedding0011 Beachwedding0012 Beachwedding0013 Beachwedding0014 Beachwedding0015
A Culinary Tour de Fromage

Sheraton Waikiki Hotel's Senior Executive Chef Colin Hazama & Executive Chef Brett Villarmia combined their extraordinary culinary talents for 2014's second Table to Farm Collaboration Dinner, featuring Naked Cow Dairy Farm and Creamery, under a beautiful moonlit setting, poolside.

Dave and I had the distinct pleasure of sitting at this very special dinner table, excited to partake in tonight's culinary presentation. Each dish was poised showcasing the mouthwatering artisan butters, cheeses, and yogurts of this Waianae Oahu farm and dairy. Lucky us !

Owner- Monique Van Der Stroom, Production Manager- Sabrina St. Martin, Cheese Artisan -  Solei, and Farm Manager Walter, were also seated nearby for the evening, allowing us fortunate guests an opportunity to ask them about their incredible organic dairy items featured in each offering prepared by Chef Colin, and Chef Brett.

A foodie drooler's dream - each course was paired with appropriate red and white wines from various regions of Spain as well. 

What was on this incredible 6 course menu ? Chefs Colin and Brett created for us the following : 

Brown Butter Seared Naked Cow Dairy Halloumi, Black Cardamon Spiced Scallops, Garlic & Herb Roasted Colorado Lamb Loin, Farmer's Market Fresh -a tasting of cheeses / likikoi kumquat jam / pickled figs / and hydroponic watercress, and for dessert....Berries Wild -an awesome array of panna cotta, meyer lemon champagne gelee, and ....Cookies & Milk  - a very "grown up" petit shortbread dessert sandwich cookie spiced with Naked Cow Dairy coconut butter filled with raspberry pomegranate jam - served side by side with smoked Hawaiian sea salt caramel leche, and mac nut brittle. 

At the evening's end, we were invited to join Chef Colin, Chef Brett, and the staff of Naked Cow Dairy Farm and Creamery for a farm tour and delicious lunch prepared once again by the talented Sheraton Chefs the next day. We were excited to meet the actual team of cows who are the true stars of their operation. 

As Chef Colin shared with me and Dave, "This is what's fun for me! " For the Table to Farm Dinner Events, Chef has the unique opportunity to work with Hawaii's local farmers directly to show his dining guests what is available as true organic products harvested from our island's soil.

It truly was a great opportunity photographing, eating, and learning about our island's sustainable organic dairy farmers at Naked Cow Dairy Farm and Creamery. And who wouldn't enjoy a meal under the direction of Sheraton's talented chefs? Dave and I were a smiley pair after this experience. What a day!

We look forward to the next Table to Farm Collaboration Dinner with Chef Colin Hazama & Chef Darren Demaya. Mark your calendars for FRIDAY, MARCH 6, 2015, at Sheraton Waikiki, to feature the delicious organic produce of Shinsato Farms, and Nalo Farms. 

Bon Appetit, and enjoy these mouthwatering images. Aloha ! Michelle & Dave Miyamoto

Colin0004 Colin0012 Colin0021 Colin0077 Colin0117 Colin0127 Colin0296 Colin0285
Lay Lady Lay...!

1960's baby boomer beat-niks gathered for a night of reminiscent vibes, while Dave had the unique pleasure this week to photograph behind the scenes, at Manoa Valley Theatre's STUDIO SERIES presentation of "Dylanesque", a tribute to the most enigmatic literary and musical figure of the 20th and 21st century - the iconic Bob Dylan. 

"Dylanesque" was a jam-session / beat poet style show comprised of Hawaii's own local talents: the masterminds of Sonny Silva (from HOT CLUB OF HULAVILLE) and Jon Osorio. The show also included guests artists Willow Chang, Sandy Tsukiyama, Duncan Kamakana Osorio, Bill Sage, and a host of other fine local musical artist. The night was filled with all kinds of "hey, I remember that song..." moments throughout the performance. The "Boomers" sang along to Dylan's classics such as "Lay Lady Lay", and " Don't Think Twice, It's All Right" among others. 

But being rather "Beatle-esque / Traveling Wilbury's" fans ourselves, we must say - the talented crew, in our opinion, saved the best song for last with their rendition of "End of the Line".

A huge mahalo to Sonny Silva for the opportunity Dave had to catch these moments during the jam-along. Enjoy! 

Hulaville0001 Hulaville0002 Hulaville0003 Hulaville0004 Hulaville0005 Hulaville0006 Hulaville0007 Hulaville0008
Kei & Ryan- Their Super Celebration !

Kei- our "local girl" bride born and raised in Hawaii who moved to Seattle to attend University of Washington.

Ryan- the groom who loves snowboarding, surfing, his VW Van, and making beer.

They met at their neighborhood dive bar. Both Kei and Ryan had seen each other there before, but neither of them would make the first move. Fate would then step in when one night Ryan had a friend from the Big Island visiting. Sitting in the same area at the bar, they all started talking and both Kei and Ryan realized they are hard core Seattle Seahawk fans! Kei’s mom was wrong when she said she’d never meet a nice boy at a bar!

I"m grateful to have been chosen to be their wedding photographer, despite the fact that I'm a major San Francisco Forty Niners fan ! However, I became a bigger fan of Kei and Ryan :)

Why you chose your wedding location – "We tried looking for a venue away from town" according to Ryan, "but finding accommodations for all of our mainland guests close by seemed a bit difficult. One of Kei’s closest friends (who was also one of the bridesmaids) got married at the Elks Lodge a few years ago and we remembered loving the upper lanai area. Our guests still talk about how amazing that lanai was. ....There were so many memorable moments on wedding day! The first thing that comes to mind was the amazing sunset. Our MC (who was also our friend that was there the night we met) was letting people know what was coming up next . As we looked around, everyone was distracted by the beautiful sunset. It was funny to see almost all the guests’ heads turned over towards the glass doors. We all kind of looked around at each other and quickly decided that we really needed to take a break in the moment to enjoy the sunset while we could".

We hope you enjoy a peek into Kei and Ryan's special day captured in these images...And GO SEAHAWKS !

Elksclub5 Elksclub4 Elksclub1 Elksclub6 Elksclub7 Elksclub8 Elksclub3 Elksclub2
I love what I do!!!

Being a Wedding Photographer for many years now has given me the opportunity to capture some really memorable moments. Dena & Duke's wedding represented sort of a personal milestone for me- an event that I was more than glad to capture for them.

Duke's dad - Glen, is a really good friend of mine, who I've known since the early 1980's. It was his entrepreneurial spirit that influenced me to go into business for myself back then. To me, Glen was that mentor I watched , that fearlessly and optimistically started many businesses, and lived that fun Hawaii lifestyle with his family that I really admired. Our own kids grew up together, and when the time came to construct my home, his cool island style house was what I modeled my building plans after. The Tomlinson's are a great family. So when I found out that Duke was ready to take the walk down the aisle with his beautiful bride Dena, it felt very much like the pride I would feel for my own son.

Their wedding day took place at the lush and private Lanikuhonua Estate, on Oahu's west shore on a bright sunny perfect Hawaiian day. Their many family and friends were on hand to share in the fun of their big event. No detail was overlooked - but nothing overshadowed the love that Duke and Dena had for each other, and the gratitude they both have for the very special people they surround themselves with.

I hope you enjoy some of the snapshot moments here ! I feel so blessed to "work" in an industry that allows me to play with my friends, like this. Congratulations Dena and Duke! Aloha all ~

Mahalo, Dave

Davemiyamoto0001 Davemiyamoto0006 Davemiyamoto0013 Davemiyamoto0018 Davemiyamoto0033 Davemiyamoto0044 Davemiyamoto0054 Davemiyamoto0057
Make your own Ramen Burger!

So one of the hottest food trends now here in Hawaii, is the Ramen Burger, I didn’t want to wait in line for a restaurant sample, so I made my own. I"d like to share my version with you. Hope you like it! Here’s what you need :

(This recipe makes up to 2 slider size burgers)


1 pack of Ramen noodles with flavor packet 1 egg 3 tbsp. vegetable oil (for frying)


1 lb. ground beef 1 egg (for patty mixture) Crushed garlic to taste 1 c. crushed Potato chips Shoyu (to taste)

2- 4 Romaine lettuce leaves 1 c. Purple cabbage (chopped) 2 slices of Tomato Yellow hot pepper 2 fried eggs, sunny side up

In a separate small bowl, mix together the sauce ingredients listed below, and set aside.


1.5 tbsp. Mayonnaise 1.5 tbsp. Siracha (hot sauce) 1.5 tbsp. Shoyu

Bring a pot of water to a boil; add ramen noodles and ramen flavor packet, stirring occasionally, until noodles are tender, about 3 minutes. Drain soup broth away from noodles. Soup broth is not needed for this recipe. Allow noodles to cool slightly in a bowl, in refrigerator (1-2 minutes). Stir 1 egg into cooled noodles until evenly coated- the egg will "bind" the noodles together to hold the shape. Divide noodles into 4 sliders-size ramekin bowls to create the round shape. Place a sheet of plastic wrap directly over noodles and stack another bowl on top to flatten noodles. Refrigerate ramen buns until firm (about 20 minutes). Mix 1 lb. of ground beef, 1 egg, garlic, shoyu, crushed potato chips, and in a bowl. Divide ground beef mixture into 2 equal portions and shape into patties. Heat about 3 tablespoon vegetable oil in a large non stick skillet over medium-high heat. Remove ramen bun ramekin bowls from refrigerator, and invert each ramen bowl directly onto skillet, gently tapping the bottom of the bowl until ramen loosens, careful to maintain bun shape. Remove the ramekin bowl from skillet, to have bun cook on their own.

Fry each ramen bun (one bun at a time), without further reshaping noodles, in hot oil until golden brown, about 3 minutes. Flip each bun and continue frying until crisp, 3 to 5 minutes more. Ramen bun should be crispy on one side and slightly softer on the other. Transfer the ramen buns to large plate with the crispy side up. Use the same non stick skillet to cook 2 beef patties until burgers are lightly pink in the center, 3 to 5 minute per side. Mix Mayonnaise, shoyu, and shiracha in a small bowl to create the sauce. Spoon the sauce onto the inside of each ramen bun. Add purple cabbage, romaine lettuce, tomato, and yellow hot pepper over ramen buns. Place burger patty on top. Heat about 1 teaspoon oil in a small skillet over medium-high heat; fry remaining eggs one at a time, adding more oil as needed, until yolk is almost firm - sunny side up, about 1 minute. Place egg over patty and top with remaining bun.

Tah-dah !....2 slider style ramen burgers :) Slightly messy to eat because of sunny side egg - but good. Enjoy!

PREP 20 mins
COOK 20 mins



Enjoy The Present Moment ! Mike & Christie's wedding - Hale Koa Hotel

When I first met Christie and Mike, I of course asked them how they met....Christie first caught Mike's eye while they were both employed at The Kahala Resort. It's easy to see why this pair goes together so well. With Mike's shy and caring demeanor, and Christie's sweet and sunny personality, it was an inevitable match.

Leading up to their big day, the weather was anything but sunny. The night before their wedding I was trying to figure out how would I create beautiful images while it was thundering and pouring rain. I wake up the next morning and drive to the Hale Koa Hotel as the unpredictable weather continued. I figure I’ll roll with it and make the best of things, being as prepared as possible.

When Paula my assistant and I arrive to the hotel, for the most part it had stopped raining, leaving only a light drizzle. No problem, I tell myself. I can work around that :)

Paula and I divide and conquer to start our day's coverage. As I get to Christie's room all I see is a big smile coming from a beautiful bride who is excited about her wedding day, rain or shine!

Setting the day's stage, we start our outdoor photos. Going with the ebb and flow of the weather -the sun broke through, and we had a great session. Soon after we finish session 1, Mother Nature took control, and here came the rain again. The typically pristine and lush Hale Koa garden lawn was dotted with mud puddles. Guest chairs had to be wiped down numerous times, while everyone anxiously awaited the arrival of the bride, standing by for the "all clear / let's get started" signal from the Coordinator.

As for my Assistant Paula, the Officiant -Bishop Dean Okimoto shared with her, an inspiring thought provoking story, on the other side of the lawn, just prior to ceremony time. The story goes- Bishop Dean had been in a coma for over a month, and had gone through an out of body experience. He was greeted on the "other side" by those in his life who had departed, while he watched those loved ones still present, mourn over his motionless body in a hospital bed. Through the urging of his passed-on loved ones : his father, grandfather and his fiancee, he found his way back from his comatose state. From his near death journey he recognized that life is about enjoying the present moment, not longing for material things, or doing things to gain others approval. Life is about creating and living your true happiness. After Paula listened to Bishop Dean's story, just mere seconds later, the sun started to break through the clouds, and our glowing bride Christie, came into view. Nature's reminder to us all : enjoy the here and now.

As their wedding ceremony began, our groom Mike chose to share his vows to his bride in Japanese-Christie's native tongue. Laughter was shared between the two of them as Mike expressed his love for Christie, as Mike puts it, "even though she eats nato beans".

True love can weather it all ~ Congratulations to Mike and Christie !

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Tom & Tomoko...An Intimate Wedding in Lanai

Our groom, Tom is the first to admit, that he's not the most romantic guy. But we beg to differ. We asked him how did meet his beautiful fiance Tomoko? And how did we all end up on this romantic neighbor island of Lanai looking over the cliff of the magnificent Manele Bay Four Seasons Resort's ocean view, to capture their "I Do's"? It goes a little like this...

Tom's love of the water brought him to the surf spot in Waikiki called "Pops" one day, a few years ago, where he saw a very polite lady named Tomoko also going out on her long board. Tomoko didn't want to be in anyone's way, but she also wasn't catching any waves. Seeing this, Tom went to introduce himself initially, and encouraged her to move to another spot where she would have better luck catching waves. And she did. He saw her in the weeks that followed, at the same surf spot, and he re-introduced himself. Later that day, they got together for drinks to get to know each other. A friendship was born, and 6 months later Tomoko and Tom were officially an item.

Tom's proposal to Tomoko actually took place in Chicago, a city that Tom was very familiar with, over a nice vacation break that Tom arranged at The Trump Hotel. Tom casually stopped into the hotel boutique shop and found a bottle of Tomoko's favorite champagne and glasses to bring along for their stroll. He told Tomoko that he wanted to watch the sunset, and that a glass of champagne would be a nice relaxing way to enjoy the end of that day. After a number of nervous moments leading up to his big reveal, Tom proposed to Tomoko on the rooftop lanai at the Trump.

Once they returned home to Honolulu, they decided to marry very intimately with just the two of them stating their vows, with their Hawaiian minister, at somewhere remote. Lush and balmy Lanai was their perfect choice.

As Dave and I made our way down on Lanai's winding scenic open road heading to the west shore of the island, we were awed by the oasis on the edge of Manele Bay. And what an ideal day to photograph an outdoor wedding, with the weather just clearing up from prior stormy skies from the day before. Just like their proposal at late afternoon- sunset time, their ceremony echoed the sun's romantic setting. It was the perfect private tropical "getaway" style wedding, custom created for two. We were so excited to take advantage of the resort's unique natural settings to capture some great post wedding moments before the sun actually went down. We hope you enjoy the images.

Our sincerest congratulations to Tom and Tomoko for tying the knot, Hawaiian style!

Aloha, Michelle & Dave Miyamoto

Lanai0001 Lanai0002 Lanai0003 Lanai0004 Lanai0005 Lanai0006 Lanai0007 Lanai0008
Now this is my type of wedding!

I love the start of a new year. I always like to see what life will take me and what I will do. I was fortunate to start the new year off with shooting a wedding with my assistant Paula which combines some of the things I love : Stand up paddling, shooting barefoot and in shorts, and being in the water while I’m shooting a wedding!

Emily and Pattie tied the knot at Magic Island. Breaking all the rules of a traditional wedding the couple opted to get married doing an activity that brings them joy and solace…stand up paddle boarding. (I’m waiting to be called on a surfing or Heated Yoga Wedding!)

What a beautiful Hawaiian day. The weather perfect and the couple incredibly nice. The paddle boards were adorned with colorful leis, laying on the white sandy beach with majestic Diamond Head as the backdrop.  The minister played his ukulele and sang “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” as the couple soaked in their surroundings and honed in on their mutual love and adoration for each other.

After a short exchange of words and kisses, the paddle boards were grabbed and the coupled headed into the water to exchange their vows. While the current and occasional waves tried to separate their boards, they stood tall and managed to stay together. Getting married in the ocean seemed a metaphor for life and relationships.  Life doesn't stand still- there is continuous movements of ebbs and flows. To make a vow to commit yourself to someone and to the instability of what  life has to offer, is a beautiful and glorious thing.

The day ended with a magnificent sunset captured as a memory for Emily and Pattie to cherish forever.

A big Mahalo goes out to Lee Saltonstall of ADVENTURE WEDDINGS HAWAII for coordinating this. Lee specializes in planning unique wedding like this.

Mahalo, Dave

Supwedding1 Supwedding2 Supwedding3 Supwedding4 Supwedding5 Supwedding6
Oahu Wedding Photographer Dave Miyamoto, North Shore & Kailua Beach, " Jane & Salvador's Destination Beach Wedding"

Ahhh...What naturals these two were to photograph :)

Our California girl Jane, and her manly-man Salvador celebrated their destination wedding week by first having Dave photograph their engagement session at picturesque north shore Oahu on a "Friday the 13th"...Not that we're superstitious at all, but according to Dave's lens, it looks as though their relationship has all the luck in the world - No bad luck seen on these gorgeous images here...!

A few days later, they joined their lives in matrimony, with a loving handful of family and friends, at Oahu's fabled Kailua Beach. Sun, Sand, and SWEET LOVE.

Much appreciation and Hawaiian hugs going out to Jane and Salvador for allowing us the honor of capturing your romantic wedding week in photos.

Congratulations to you both !

Aloha, Michelle & Dave Miyamoto

Jane_1 Jane_3 Jane_4 Jane_5 Jane_6 Jane_7 Jane_8 Jane_9
Hawaii Wedding Photographer Dave Miyamoto, Sheraton Waikiki Hotel, Shaunese & Anthony's Wedding

I don't know how we get so lucky in photographing the most beautiful destination wedding couples, but I sure won't question it :)

Anthony and Shaunese came to Honolulu, Hawaii to celebrate their wedding week with their families and friends, by way of San Diego. And wink- wink...we are so partial to the beauties that come from San Diego (we have so many family ties there !)

They chose the serene backdrop of Sheraton Waikiki, as their altar, with cool, calm, gorgeous hues of purples, vivid blue, and mauves adding to the picturesque tropical atmosphere.

Congratulations Shaunese and Anthony on your absolutely beautiful paradise wedding, and your happily ever after...!

Aloha, Michelle & Dave Miyamoto

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Oahu Wedding Photographer Dave Miyamoto - Outrigger Reef On The Beach & Waikiki Beach "Vicki & Phil" 23rd Anniversary Vows

There is nothing more beautiful for us to witness than a couple truly in love on their wedding day...However, for us to have the privilege to photograph this special spark for a couple 23 years into their marriage, well - that is something quite special. These are not manufactured feelings Dave captured here. Vicki and Phil are the real deal :)

We consider it fate, that we were their photographer of choice for their vow renewal day plan. From the very first email exchange with us, contacting us from Canada and planning her special destination Hawaii trip, our gorgeous "bride" Vicki instantly clicked with us.

...And a few months later, here we were, standing on beautiful Waikiki Beach, on a misty but rainbow skyed morning, with Vicki and her wonderful husband Phil among a hodge-podge group of 15 happy couples also celebrating their vow renewals...all for different reasons, and for different anniversaries.

And for as many couples that gathered that morning to say "I Do" one more time along with the Hawaiian Kahu, and dedicated hula dancer,... to us it seemed like Vicki and Phil blocked out everyone in the world, and on that stretch of sand they only saw each other :)

Their celebration turned out to be a morning shoot on south shore with a light Hawaiian rain blessing perfect for portraits, ...and an afternoon drive later that afternoon for a continued private sunset shoot at north shore, a perfect ending to their romantic day.

Vicki and Phil - from the bottom of our hearts, here's to our new friends....Happy 23rd Anniversary....! We look forward to your return trip to paradise for your 25th Anniversary !

Aloha, MIchelle & Dave

0001_vicki 0002_vicki 0003_vicki 0004_vicki 0005_vicki 0006_vicki 0007_vicki
Honolulu Event Photographer Dave Miyamoto, The Modern Honolulu "Working with the Impeccable Event Planning Team of CURRENT affair... Masters of Table Decor !"

Photographer Dave Miyamoto had the unique opportunity to work with SMART MEETINGS conference, held at The Modern Honolulu in the Sun Suite & Terrace—one of the most photographed rooms in all of Waikiki...!

"CURRENT affair" - Honolulu based Event Production & Design team once again proved how innovative their resourceful team works, with their creative island inspired centerpieces and tablescapes featuring Polynesian sea shells, sand and Hawaiian flowers that represented different Hawaiian royalty.

We are so lucky to have such talented event planning artists in Hawaii. Aloha ~

Lunchdecor2547 Lunchdecor2466 Breakfastdecor1712 Lunchdecor2501 Lunchdecor2458 Lunchdecor2526 Breakfastdecor1704 Breakfastdecor1691
Hawaii Wedding Photographer Dave Miyamoto, Admiral Baker Clubhouse & Presidio Ballroom, San Diego "Mom & Dad's 50th Golden Wedding Anniversary "

The year 1939 is when my mom and dad- Fernando & Herminia Guda, met at 5 and 6 years old as playmates and neighbors.... December 9, 1961 is when they were pronounced husband and wife.... And December 11, 2011 they celebrated their momentous 50th wedding anniversary.

Of all the hundreds of special weddings I (Michelle) have ever coordinated professionally, this would be the pinnacle event of my life - my very own parents special day.

Their 50th anniversary - so rare an occasion for any couple, so special, and so anticipated by our entire family. Dave and I just wanted to share a few snap-shot moments of our special trip to San Diego, celebrating our mom & dad - Fernando & Herminia Guda's momentous day. Vintage yet Modern. Simple yet Golden. Precious yet Priceless. We hope you enjoy these glimpses of their big day as only your proud daughters and a wonderful son-in-law can share.

With mom and dad's 5 beautiful grand children as their "bridal party", their high school classmates from their "class of '53", our siblings, extended family, and mom and dad's lifelong friends, this day would commemorate what all of us "marrieds" strive for - a lifetime of triumph, and their own kind of happiness.

Congratulations to mom and dad. We are so proud of you and the bar you have set, in celebrating your 72 year old relationship. LOVE NEVER FAILS :)

All of our love,

MIchelle Guda-Miyamoto & Dave Miyamoto, and Harriet Guda

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